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Amiga & AROS

Many were waiting for the day when new and strong Amiga(One) will appear. That happened now. Currently, the X5000 can be purchased with the dual-core processor. In the future, a more powerful machine will be available. Is it worth buying the current model or wait for a four-core version?

A look at the new X5000. Note that the author is Polish (I think), and English isn't her or his first language.

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Well, comparing Vidi ST to Video Toaster is a bit hair stretched. Comparing Cyber sculpt to Lightwave is another split. The ST perhaps had a midi port, but by default Paula did a better job than the ym or pcm of the STe. Or, HAM video mode was a mess, but not much than the ST's planar modes.

And Amiga had (unstable) multitasking while ST had, well, Multitos that made your computer crawl like never. And would also 'bomb' rather often on several software combinations. So 'power user' is a bit over evaluated to me.

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There we have the old and stimulating war between Atari ST and Amiga :-)

In ancient times one bought an ST or an Amiga not because the one could do something better than the other. Main reason (at least in my area) was what other used to be able to "share" games ;-)

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Game were better on Amiga, period. Especially on 1200.

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