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Linux "As desktop Linux becomes ever more professional, and with Microsoft still a year away from shipping its new Vista version of Windows, could now be the time to go open-source on the desktop? Of course, circumstances will vary from company to company, but if you're ready to make the move, there's a good crop of Linux distributions ready to accommodate your needs."
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Windows Sucks
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I just have to laugh. Cause all Windows supporters can say is "My Windows XP laptop has absolutely no problems with projectors. I plug them in, hit a function key, and the projector turns on with a duplicate of my desktop. The same goes for my iBook. This kind of ease of use is expected of all technology in 2005/2006. Where is Linux?"

They can't say it's more robust, more secure, more open, more free (As in freedom not as in cost)

They can't say that Windows is really far ahead of Linux and the funny part is that even Bill Gates dreams about GNU/Linux at night! Instead of making a better product he is trying to sell you products to fix the problems in the products he already sold you! LOL!

Give me a break!

Oh yea, hummmmmm, why if Linux sucks soooo bad does Microsoft have to have a get out the facts drive? Why don't their produts just speak for themselves?

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Tom K Member since:

Define "more robust" and "more secure"?

Friggin' retarded troll. You're going to have to try better than that. My anti-Linux trolls are much more believable.


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Define "more robust" and "more secure"?

Errr, what Windows isn't? You know the issues by now.

Have a read around the internet on the issues with Visual Studio 2005 and .Net 2.0 and how Microsoft is going to fix them - in the next version. You know, this is the development tool that you're supposed to build the next generation of applications in and Microsoft has put untold resources into. Note of course that you're not going to get that new version free nor can you do an online YaST update and get it. If they're feeling generous you might get a service pack. Imagine that?!

Friggin' retarded troll. You're going to have to try better than that. My anti-Linux trolls are much more believable.

I think that about proves his point right there ;-).

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Windows Sucks Member since:

? So you don't know what "Robust and Secure mean?" Why are you even on this site? LOL!

Robust, meaning better uptime, meaning that you don't have to reboot everytime you install something or install a patch. LOL! Meaning hard to take down, even IF there is a security hole!

Secure. LOL! I don't even have to define that, any PC user knows Windows record on security! LOL! My 7 year old daughter can tell you that cause her Windows XP SP2 PC got hosed up with spyware! I Installed Edubuntu and she no longer has to worry about that problem EVER again!

Unlike on Windows, where MS is putting out their own spyware remover (That doesn't work worth crap) They will spend millions on that instead of spending millions on fixing Windows it's self!

Get out the facts! Please! What facts? The facts that your bank account info may get stolen by a Keystroke logger installed through spyware? LOL! They don't want THOSE facts to get out, that is for sure!

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Even though I basically agree with you, I'm tempted to mod you down as well by merit of the fact that your post is clearly intended to be inciteful.

But I think if I start downmodding everyone who annoys me because they cast Linux advocates in a bad light, I'd probably have to be locked away after a week for my own sanity.

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