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I'm not asking for an iPhone with replaceable RAM. I understand the value of a sleek, highly integrated, highly custom product. But if the most important and expensive part of the desktop computer you're looking to buy is the GPU, it's insane to choose one that's soldered to the motherboard.


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by cjcox on Wed 7th Jun 2017 22:31 UTC
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Introducing JPU.

Part of the new fully integrated J platform.

JPU integrates with the industry standard J-Bus which can be found on all JBook, jPhones and Jablets. This means there is just one bus for all JPUs. One for all of your industry standard devices.

JPU is affordable. With a low low base price you can obtain quality JPU computing. Initially there will be 3 choices, standard, deluxe and über, From high powered alternative currency mining to searching the stars for new life. With the display, JPU-D, add-on option your JPU becomes the star of the show by adding an external J-Plug. Now all your J-Plug devices like 8.5K monitors (the ultimate in industry standard 7801 × 4507 übersharp technology) can be used. Add the optional legacy box to that and you can preserve your investment in legacy HDMI and Display Port devices**.

Built to last because it works across the whole J product line.

One letter, one platform: J

JPU base config USD$600 (std), $700 (deluxe), $1500 (über)

JPU-D starts at USD$300
JPU Hollywood Driver (H264/H265 support) USD$200**
JPU Legacy starts at USD$200**
JPU Legacy HDMI cable USD$40
JPU Legacy Display Port cable USD$40

** - requires JPU base über

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by cjcox on Wed 7th Jun 2017 22:51 in reply to "JPU"
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Newly added, a demonstration of how easy it is to upgrade from JPU standard to JPU deluxe on a new JMac.

Folks, this is being demonstrated by Timmy, our resident 1st grade tester (all J platform product have to pass the Timmy test).

Note: Our J Anti-static Fleece pullover can be bought via J-Tunes for USD$59.95 (while supplies last).

Don't forget all the parts, and our new J Length sure connect ensures that all cables go right where they need to go (folks, it's Timmy proof!).

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RE[2]: JPU
by dionicio on Thu 8th Jun 2017 14:06 in reply to "RE: JPU"
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J insurance, cover 3 year minimum $99 :-D

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