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Internet & Networking Microsoft dropped support for Exchange 5.5 on December 31st, 2004. Exchange 5.5 users can upgrade to Exchange Server 2003, continue to run 5.5 with all accompanied security risks, or switch over to another mail/groupware system.In this article I propose a fourth option that is really options two (run Exchange) and three (run another mail system) combined.
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>>Many Windows Admins have no clue what they are doing, just clicking a few buttons all day....

>People who make statements like this have never worked a day in their life in IT.

i've worked in IT for years and its absolutely true - usually someone who is bored with their real job prefers to play around with their PC all day - next thing is that they've been upgraded to the office computer boffin and get asked to help with any PC problems. within a year or two they become an offical admin.

same thing happened to me in an office - because i 'fixed' the printer once i got the nickname 'inspector gadget' and was asked to try and fix any computer problems which came up.

really embarassing thinking back on it - trying for hours to copy a 10MB file onto a floppy and other such stuff.

but as i was at college at the time studying programming i was happy to fiddle around with computers rather than do the job i was there for (which was boring).

luckily - after 2 years of college my first job was a really varied support/programming job and i gained real experience as well as developing my programming.

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