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Jolla's CEO Sami Pienimäki:

We have positive progress and major future business potential with Sailfish openings e.g. in China and Russia. While these projects are big and take time, they're developing steadily and we expect them to grow into sizable businesses for us overtime. These two are now our key customers but the projects are in early phase and our revenues are tight.  At the same time realizing this opportunity requires significant R&D investments from our licensing customers and Jolla.

Meanwhile, as Russia and China are progressing, we also have good traction with other new potential licensing customers in different regions. Good discussions are ongoing, and we’re waiting eagerly to get to share those with you.

And yes, they're still going to at some point maybe possibly start the refunding process for the tablet. My Jolla Tablet spent about 5 minutes outside of the box, since there's not much you can actually do with it.

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RE: Qt based SDK
by acobar on Mon 26th Jun 2017 14:35 UTC in reply to "Qt based SDK"
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.NET based SDK

A common trait to most failed Windows Phone into the mobile market.

This despite the efforts of very large companies like Microsft, Nokia and many of their buddies.

I don't know what you want to imply or if there is a kind of hidden subliminal message attached to your post but, clearly, we all know that there is much more than just the qualities and deficiencies of SDK's to be attributed to success, or lack of it, of OS, be them mobile or not.

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RE[2]: Qt based SDK
by moondevil on Mon 26th Jun 2017 16:54 in reply to "RE: Qt based SDK"
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I will explain you in simple steps, so that you can understand it.

1 - Company forks Qt SDK

2 - Company extends Qt SDK to support mobile development on their OS

3 - Company goes under

4 - The Qt Company sees zero changes coming from those mobile APIs

I also expect zero contributions coming to .NET Core from Samsung, regarding Tizen.

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RE[3]: Qt based SDK
by acobar on Mon 26th Jun 2017 17:44 in reply to "RE[2]: Qt based SDK"
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Can you reread your original post? I will explain it to you in simple steps, so that you can understand it.

1 - You imply that every time Qt was used to develop a mobile OS it failed and you stopped there, no explanations at all why, I used your same logic on another solution that you and I, may you believe or not, like (yes I still use a Windows Phone and it is fine). And granted, Nokia DID contributed back to MS efforts as also some other partners. Despite all efforts, most will say that it failed (I would not use this kind of simplification, though);

2 - You add, in a secondary assertive that, not only that, but whoever tried to use it did not contribute back which is not entirely true because some projects were open source and it is up to Qt dev team to incorporate what it see as useful.

Did I miss something else?

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