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Mozilla & Gecko clones Many people have complained about Firefox's memory use. Federico Mena-Quintero has a proposal for reducing the amount of memory used to store images, which, in his proof of concept code, "reduced the cumulative memory usage [...] by a factor of 5.5."
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C'mon, guys! How long have memory leaks been known? Why are people still coding them?

That's like saying "How long have car crashes been known? Why are people still having them?"

When working on a project that requires a large team, no matter how hard you try, there will be occasions where a person doesn't realize the implications of what they're doing on what other people are doing. You can't avoid problems, you can only try to minimize how often they happen.

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I would agree when it comes to bugs, but NOT any sort of memory leak. Memory leaks are usually pretty easy to detect, trace and track down, by using third party tools. Bugs are things that can't be tested against sometimes. Memory leaks can be. There is no excuse.

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It's probably not memory leak, but rather memory FRAGMENTATION, which is much, much harder to detect and to fix.

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