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You may not know the Model F by name, but you know it by sound - the musical thwacking of flippers slapping away. The sound of the '80s office. The IBM Model F greeting the world in 1981 with a good ten pounds of die-cast zinc and keys that crash down on buckling metal springs as they descend. It's a sensation today's clickiest keyboards chase, but will never catch. And now it's coming back.

I used several of these growing up, and I've come to understand I'm the only one who didn't - and doesn't - like mechanical keyboards one bit - I find them tiring and way too loud. I want the thinnest possible keyboard with the shortest possible travel while still having a decent, satisfying, but very quiet click. I find Apple's Magic Keyboard is the exact right keyboard for me, but I also know I'll be one of the very few, especially on a site like OSNews.

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RE[3]: Microsoft Natural 4000
by Troels on Wed 19th Jul 2017 14:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Microsoft Natural 4000"
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My problem with sore wrists also started when i started programming. I haven't had any problems since i got my first Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro waaay back when the mouse had a ball in it and you could kill someone with the receiver. Wow, i think it must have been back in the 90s.... I am getting old. I actually still use the keyboard on our secondary computer, but the non-optical mouse was retired many years ago.

While i do find the apple keyboards utterly evil, they pale in comparison with the flat apple mouse... When my arm is relaxed, the angle of my wrist and hand fits just right with the logitech style ergonomic mice, and not at all with the symmetric flat types like apples mouse.

I don't mind them pushing the keyboard and trackpad a bit to the left on laptops, i just wish they didnt waste the space adding a numeric keyboard. I would much rather have proper space for arrow keys and the block with insert, delete, home, etc. With actual spacing between them and the other keys so the layout matches a desktop keyboard.

Speaking about Apple being evil, on my Macbook Pro 17" last generation, the corners of the indentation on the front of the base that lets you open the lid, they are so damn sharp that after 30 minutes of use, the skin on my wrists are getting irritated by brushing against them. I hope they have fixed this in later models, but that is REALLY annoying, and they could just have rounded the damn corners - like they did with all the other corners on the thing....

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RE[4]: Microsoft Natural 4000
by loic on Thu 20th Jul 2017 12:41 in reply to "RE[3]: Microsoft Natural 4000"
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If you got painful wrists, usually it is not your keyboard fault. you probably just got a bad posture, with a keyboard either too far from you, your chair/table couple not at the right height, your arm not at the right angle.
Mechanical keyboards may solve painful fingers, but not painful wrists. <<< this is the posture you should aim for.

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