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Microsoft has announced - through a boring table, because Microsoft - that MS Paint has been deprecated. This means that it will soon be removed from Windows completely, superseded - supposedly - by their new Paint 3D.

When Microsoft Paint will officially be removed from Windows has yet to be confirmed, while a precise date for the release of the Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update is equally up in the air. Whether, like Clippy, Windows users will celebrate or decry Paint's removal, it will be a moment in the history of Windows as one of its longest-standing apps is put out to pasture.

To be honest, I don't quite understand why you'd use Paint for anything since Paint.NET is far more capable and also free.

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Of course, now that it's a Store Thing... maybe it will come with some really great ads!!

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But as others have said - if you have to install it from the store, it's lost its one great advantage, the fact that it was a tool that's guaranteed to be available on every Windows PC, no matter how old or new, no matter how locked down.

For more than 20 years, there's been a simple process you could give a user for capturing screenshots for errors - press print screen, run Paint, paste, save, and email it to me. Because Paint was guaranteed to be there.

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