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FreeBSD 11.1 has been released, and as you can tell by the version number, it's a point release. The release announcement, release notes, and errata are available for your perusal. FreeBSD users already know full well how to upgrade - they're probably already running it - and newcomers can go to the download page to download the proper ISO.

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I switched 5 years ago to FreeBSD after using Linux for 10+ years. In summary, FreeBSD is brilliant, and I can’t see changing to any other OS in the near future. The organization of the OS is much better than the Linux mess. There is a clear separation between base OS and user installed software/libraries. I use proprietary NVidia graphics and performance is just as good as Linux or Windows with the same NVidia drivers. I drive a triple monitor setup. I run the occasional OpenGL software and games, but not much time for the games really. The Ports collection is brilliant as I hate binary packages with terrible dependencies. With Ports I can compile my software with the dependencies I need - and it is all done with two or three commands in a console window. ZFS is my file-system of choice even on my collection of USB sticks. I will not trust my 6TB of data on any other file system. I run four server spec hard drives in ZFS RAID-Z2 and use an SSD as my boot drive. I have upgraded multiple times from FreeBSD 9.0 to the latest - and the upgrades work brilliantly and reliably every time. More than I can say for any Linux distro I’ve tried - and I’ve used Slackware, Red Hat, Suse and Ubuntu. Slackware and Ubuntu were my most used Linux distros.

Bottom line, I highly recommend FreeBSD as a desktop OS. It’s rock solid and a brilliant performer.

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Does Steam run on FreeBSD?

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The Windows version might run via Wine.

I have played many games from GOG on FreeBSD via Wine though, the compatibility has been the same as on Linux.

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It appears so.

or, the GitHub link

YMMV, but the Linux emulation has always worked pretty well for me. Some developers even consider failure to run in Linux emulation as a bug in their own software. Epic Games did at one point, at least.

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All the best with that. 10 years of Linux and now FreeBSD is great you say. I'd say your example is a rare case. I've been a100% Linux user since 2004 and using FreeBSD is like going back in time to 1997. It's fringe purist territory to me. If you think DEs are all bad and you work in an office you call a bat cave, FreeBSD is for you! ;)

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