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Multiple senior Microsoft officials told me at the time that the issues were all Intel's fault, and that the microprocessor giant had delivered its buggiest-ever product in the "Skylake" generation chipsets. Microsoft, first out of the gate with Skylake chips, thus got caught up by this unreliability, leading to a falling out with Intel. Microsoft’s recent ARM push with Windows 10 is a result of that falling out; the software giant believes that Intel needs a counter to its dominance and that, as of late 2016, AMD simply wasn't up to the task.

Since then, however, another trusted source at Microsoft has provided with a different take on this story. Microsoft, I'm told, fabricated the story about Intel being at fault. The real problem was Surface-specific custom drivers and settings that the Microsoft hardware team cooked up.

What a train wreck for Microsoft. Incredible.

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RE[2]: Comment by The123king
by Megol on Tue 15th Aug 2017 14:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by The123king"
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Nothing will change the fact Windows 8 and beyond are attempts to turn Windows into a cell phone type OS and get a 30% cut of every software purchase through their store. Only real competition can fix this, which won't happen unless Microsoft is split up by court order.

Opinion without backing by facts. Check.
Claiming something obviously not true. Check - as I and others using Windows can use the system without looking or behaving anything like a "cell phone type OS". MS would lose a lot of customers if they actually tried something like that.

There are viable OS alternatives and there's no reason to split MS into two. Unlike e.g. Intel that actually have had anti-competitive behavior MS have actually behaved well for a long time. Well is of course relative but the days when MS tried to hinder competition by using their position is (generally) over.

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RE[3]: Comment by The123king
by dark2 on Tue 15th Aug 2017 19:22 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by The123king"
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Windows 8's start screen was an undeniable attempt to make Windows like a cell phone and force everyone to get used to buying apps through the store that displayed in "cell phone mode"(metro). If you don't see this, or the new 10 edition that will require extra money to install non store apps; you have to be either blind or paid PR firm trying to take attention away from what everyone knows Microsoft is doing. It is painfully obvious and the proof is the operatong system itself.

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RE[4]: Comment by The123king
by Drumhellar on Tue 15th Aug 2017 19:50 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by The123king"
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If you don't see this, or the new 10 edition that will require extra money to install non store apps;

You mean the edition of Windows that is free to OEMs, with the cost to upgrade being on par with what a regular Windows license costs?

You know, the edition that many customers were SPECIFICALLY asking for leading up to its release?

Oh, so horrible of Microsoft to give people exactly what they ask for. I couldn't imagine a more nefarious move.

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