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Apple Needham & Co. estimates that the "iPod halo" may have attracted up to 400,000 Windows users to the Mac so far this year. In a note to clients, analyst Charles Wolf observed that Apple's "key drivers" (iPod and the iPod halo effect) "continue to work". He believes Apple is set for even more growth in the future. Wolf wrote: "The iPod continued to lure Windows users into the Macintosh fold (in the third quarter). Mac unit shipments rose 35 per cent, three times the PC market growth rate."
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by Al2001 on Tue 19th Jul 2005 22:11 UTC
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How do sales reflect how many people switched exactly? Wouldn't it be fair to say a proportion of them own both PC's and Mac's?

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RE: 2+2=5?
by on Wed 20th Jul 2005 00:38 in reply to "2+2=5?"
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If you accept the thinking that some of these sales may have been to existing Windows users using both... then you must adopt the same methodology that so many of the Windows users out there may have added a Windows machine to their existing Mac.

The problems is the "market share" statistic which doesn't gauge the total number of products in use like so many of the people on this board think it does, but measures the total number of products sold.

In market share terms, adding a Mac while not adding a PC means that it was a switch... whether or not the person actually switched. The interesting thing here is that so many of you accepted the statistic when it supported your bias that people were defecting to Windows from Macintosh... (back in the day.)

What's good for the goose...

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