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Multiple senior Microsoft officials told me at the time that the issues were all Intel's fault, and that the microprocessor giant had delivered its buggiest-ever product in the "Skylake" generation chipsets. Microsoft, first out of the gate with Skylake chips, thus got caught up by this unreliability, leading to a falling out with Intel. Microsoft’s recent ARM push with Windows 10 is a result of that falling out; the software giant believes that Intel needs a counter to its dominance and that, as of late 2016, AMD simply wasn't up to the task.

Since then, however, another trusted source at Microsoft has provided with a different take on this story. Microsoft, I'm told, fabricated the story about Intel being at fault. The real problem was Surface-specific custom drivers and settings that the Microsoft hardware team cooked up.

What a train wreck for Microsoft. Incredible.

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Surface is pretty buggy
by leos on Tue 15th Aug 2017 16:24 UTC
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Intel or MS's fault, I don't know and don't care, but here's an expedited list of the issues our Surface Pro 4 has (i5):
1. Random bluescreens
2. Random blackscreens (only cursor visible, requires forced reboot)
3. Random bluetooth disconnects requiring restart (this hasn't happened in a couple months so maybe fixed)
4. Windows Hello camera randomly either doesn't turn on at all, or starts freaking out and can't be used to log in.
5. Surface pen stops working randomly (improved recently).
6. Screen sometimes doesn't respond to touch properly.

Overall the buggiest piece of hardware I've owned. It has gotten better with updates though so I have hope. Won't be buying another one though. Next time it's iPad + Laptop again to avoid the compromises.

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RE: Surface is pretty buggy
by avgalen on Tue 15th Aug 2017 21:16 in reply to "Surface is pretty buggy"
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7. Hot bag syndrome, when your machine decides to turn on inside your bag/sleeve and doesn't standby anymore. Sometimes caused by bumping the power button, but mostly by poltergeist.

All these issues have disappeared 1 by 1 on all our Surface Pro 3 and 4 (no 5 yet) with firmware updates. I have 1 user left that isn't on the latest firmware and 1703 version and he still has BlueTooth disconnects (mouse) and blackscreens sometimes after lunch that can only be fixed by a reboot.
Almost all of the issue seem to have been related to powermanagement, but I don't believe that Microsoft was overly aggressive with their settings resulting in these issues because batterylife has also improved slighty with time.
Too many issues, but all got resolved and users wanted to stick with the devices which is not the case with other problematic hardware/software

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RE[2]: Surface is pretty buggy
by dark2 on Wed 16th Aug 2017 04:04 in reply to "RE: Surface is pretty buggy"
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I'm pretty sure hot bag syndrome is caused by Windows waking up at 11PM everyday and forcefully checking for updates.

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RE: Surface is pretty buggy
by TemporalBeing on Wed 16th Aug 2017 20:30 in reply to "Surface is pretty buggy"
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that's just how Windows works

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