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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update now has a release date: October 17. Microsoft started finalizing the release last week, and we'd expect this release to follow the pattern seen in previous Windows updates: the final build will be done some time in September and roll out to members of the Windows Insider program's fast, slow, and release preview rings. Then it will hit Windows Update. From there, we'd expect a slow ramp up in availability.

Not the most substantial Windows update for regular users, but I do like the faster update cycle for Windows. I'm glad the monolithic releases of yore are gone for most users, while enterprise users are still able to opt for the Long Term Servicing Branch for the more monolithic approach.

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Comment by ple_mono
by ple_mono on Tue 5th Sep 2017 00:22 UTC
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Say what you want about windows (before 10). But it was never a moving target, and i really really appreciated that. Who in their right mind want a rolling release in a production setting? I mean Microsoft is even proactively talking people out of using the LTSB flavor (or making it near impossible for individuals to get their hands on it).

I just don't get it. It does not compute for me. Before there was some chaos between releases. Like every 5 years or so. Now it's more constant. Who want's that? If you could choose, would you choose a couple hard punches every few years or a constant dull pain every minute of your waking life? Maybe i'm just weird. But i would totally choose the former. The latter is for masochists IMHO...

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RE: Comment by ple_mono
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Tue 5th Sep 2017 15:24 in reply to "Comment by ple_mono"
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No, I feel your pain, but I prefer the faster pace. Things that are broken are getting fixed faster, instead of a "Oh well, that will be fixed in the next release 3-4 years from now" attitude that used to prevail. Also, I'm from a time where an internet explorer service pack would kill or fix my application. On tier three support calls, I'd have to walk them through figuring out which version of xml packages they had, and correct it to work with our app.

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