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Apple held its iPhone event today, but since the three major leaks got everything right - read our previous items on the leaks to get the full details - there's really not much to add here, other than the pricing for the new iPhones. The 'regular' iPhone 8 will be about €50 more expensive this year, so take that into account when planning your upgrade. The iPhone X (pronounced "ten" by Apple, "ex" by people with good taste), however, carries a very hefty pricetag, especially in Europe and the UK - the base 64GB model is $999 in the US, and a staggering €1159 in Europe (and an equally staggering £999 in the UK).

I think it's definitely a nice looking phone, and can certainly hold its own against other small-bezel phones from Samsung, LG, and others (especially others), but especially outside of the US, that's one hell of a price tag. Going over the magic €1000 mark feels like crossing a psychological threshold from high-end brand new smartphone territory into high-end brand new laptop territory, and that's a tough pill to swallow.

The additional problem here is that the iPhone 8 simply looks outdated compared to all the minimal bezel phones of this year, and certainly so next to the iPhone X in stores for the iOS users among us. I'm up for contract renewal, and since I'm the kind of person to switch platforms about once a year, I was definitely interested in switching to iOS again by buying the iPhone X. However, that €1159 price tag is way, way beyond the outer limit of my comfort zone.

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RE: Boring
by ilovebeer on Wed 13th Sep 2017 16:07 UTC in reply to "Boring"
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I'm not sure your Qi vs. wifi comparison is all that good. Both provide a service that does not require physically connecting a device (via wire), and both only work when you're within range. If you don't have to plug a wire into your phone to charge it, it is being charged wirelessly. There's really no controversy here. Perhaps you meant to say you want over-the-air charging. But then don't we all.

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RE[2]: Boring
by zima on Wed 13th Sep 2017 17:19 in reply to "RE: Boring"
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Additionally, Qi is "wired" in the same way Wifi is - you still need to have wires going to the access point... ;) (typically more of them for Wifi - Ethernet and power, whereas Qi carging matt only has power)

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RE[2]: Boring
by darknexus on Wed 13th Sep 2017 19:13 in reply to "RE: Boring"
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Actually, my comparison is perfectly apt. Wi-fi internet: one bass station to multiple devices. It actually cuts down on the wires and you can move around. QI: one charging pad, one device at a time. There is still the same amount of wires at your desk. Moving it does not magically make it wireless. For the record, I doubt that completely wireless charging is even possible. There's always going to be a wire. I just absolutely hate bullshit marketing, and saying that inductive charging is wireless is precisely that.

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RE[3]: Boring
by ilovebeer on Wed 13th Sep 2017 19:33 in reply to "RE[2]: Boring"
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I see no point in redefining "wireless", which literally means "operating by means of transmitted electromagnetic waves". That's exactly how Qi (aka inductive charging) works. It's the opposite of marketing bullshit. Charging occurs with no connecting wires between the charger and the device, just like wifi works with no connecting wires between the router and the device. How many devices can be used simultaneously is irrelevant to whether the process is wireless or not. So, we'll just have to agree to disagree I guess.

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