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iOS 11 has been released, and if you have an iPhone or iPad, you should really update right now. It's a big release, and especially iPad users will get to enjoy an overhauled user experience on their tablets. If you're not convinced, be sure to read the only two reviews you need: the one by fervent and enthusiastic (his enthusiasm for the iPad is infectious, in a good way) iPad user Federico Viticci, and the Ars Technica review written by Andrew Cunningham.

I've been using the betas on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9", and it truly transforms how you use the iPad, to the point where I can use mine comfortably for work (translating, posting OSNews stories - like this one - and so on). No macOS or Windows laptop is as responsive and fluid as this iPad Pro, and the battery life of this machine is so good, it's probably illegal in 12 US states. Unlike macOS or Windows, I don't have to spend time fighting with iOS 11 to get it to do what I want, like fidgeting with windows, or anxiously managing battery life because otherwise I won't get through a day, or manage applications. And trust me, there's no PC - not even my own €4000 monster PC - that is as fluid and responsive as this iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro with iOS 11 is the truest realisation yet of it just works.

I'm not going to claim this is for everyone, or that you should ritually sacrifice your ThinkPad and run to the Apple Store and get the iPad Pro. However, after a few months of use, there's no way I'm ever going back to a traditional laptop. That being said - my only complaint about the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" is an odd one: it's not a mobile device.

I am a sit down behind my desk kind of person. I work and compute behind a desk, with a large display at eye height and a comfortable chair. The iPad Pro isn't suited for this kind of work, as it forces you to look down, which due to back problems I cannot do for longer periods of time. What I really want is a small iOS box I can hook up a display, keyboard, and mouse to. Apple already makes such a box - the Apple TV - so I know they can do it. Mouse and keyboard support is probably coming to iOS over the coming years, and with the Mac Mini languishing, it feels like they might be working on just such a box.

I'd easily pay €500-700 for such a machine.

I know stating iOS is a great general purpose computing platform tends to be controversial - I myself have been skeptical about this very thing for years - but iOS 11 and the iPad Pro have utterly convinced me. This is the platform I want for laptop and desktop computer use. Windows and macOS feel like the past now.

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Download Continuous, or any of the other great iOS IDEs:

No! Why would I abandon years of knowledge, first rate, ultra-productive tools to learn another platform. The environment is so much more mature, there are hundreds of deeply embedded tools that are experts in their field and many are free. I could do it on a raspberry Pi but it makes no sense to say that we can abandon a mature environment just because in some sense "it can".

Download LumaFusion, or any of the other great video editors on iOS:

Same reasons as above. If I was going to leap to Apple then OS/X might be a practical choice due to its maturity.

maintaining virtual machines for legacy app. support and maintenance

As above but even more important is the fact that running legacy apps on VMs on IOS, well people would laugh in my face. I have no doubt that a Mini Cooper can deliver parcels but have you ever seen a courier company using anything other than a truck/van? Please.

Affinity is better than Photoshop.

Well, that's an opinion and besides that it isn't really relevant, I repeat my same answer to 1 and to my response regarding the truck. Photoshop is THE truck.

There are countless [professional] audio tools for iOS.

Of course there are but anyone who swapped their dedicated high bandwidth, dedicated desktop devices for processing audio using the mature tools available for the environment, instead proposing IOS would, again be laughed out of the studio.

You can connect any keyboard to an iPad. Even mechanical keyboards. Its screen size of 12.9" is right on par with the most popular laptop screen size out there (~13").

Of course you can. A PC already has those things... I can add a truck pickup to the Mini Cooper, I can add reversing beepers, a big diesel engine and a tachometer, I could raise the roof of the cab. It's a mini Cooper and I want a truck! Get real!

On top of that PCs are cheaper, anyone can work on them, they are expandable, use off the shelf components, blah, blah &c &c. Come on!

iOS doesn't do multiple screens yet. You got me there. This clearly means iOS is entirely garbage and useless.

Not just multi screens, proper multi-tasking, multi-user and multi screen. I never said IOS is garbage and useless, you said that. You are losing it!

I am simply countering your inference that the latest version of IOS is the direction to go if you want a general purpose computer, the answer is NO.

IOS is merely starting to catch up in this area.

Your response merely confirms what I have started to suspect. Your fascination with phones and tablets is leading you to becoming one-sided.

PS Edited for spelling mistakes (I should have been using IOS clearly)

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Why would I abandon years of knowledge, first rate, ultra-productive tools to learn another platform.

Ah, so it's not about the merits of the platform - it's about you being lazy. You're free to be lazy - but there's no need to be so aggressive and defensive over traditional desktop computing. Traditional desktop computing will live on just fine. It's not being threatened. You can relax.

is loeading you to becoming one-sided.

...priceless. Just priceless. Thanks for that.

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Time is the most precious resource most people have.

Spending time relearning the entire platform and tool chains to go from a 4-8 cores >4GHz PC 32GB 32" 4K screen to a 12" screen 3GB with an asthmatic CPU/GPU... Well, there must be something that's really worth it at the end.

Maybe it's not laziness? Maybe it's just the correct decision?

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it's about you being lazy.

I'm stunned by that. What sort of response is that? Me lazy because I have expertise and knowledge on a platform. Are you really arguing that? That was merely an insult. As I said you are losing it, not me.

aggressive and defensive, I can relax?

I don't have to be defensive about the general purpose computing environment it speaks for itself. I don't think the desktop environment is even vaguely threatened by IOS and I wouldn't even care if it was. I have no personal allegiance to anything but the facts. That comment wasn't relevant and I am clever enough to recognise when you are making a personal dig at me - that is inappropriate and not worthy of you.

Aggressive? I am just countering your sweeping statements with facts that are so self-evident that it shocks me that a man who runs a site called OS news has the gall to even try to refute some of the things I have said when they ought to be utterly self-evident.

This stuff is basic. You know it I am sure, you have just convinced yourself you are right. Why would you bother to even argue? The whole premise of your article is misleading.

...priceless. Just priceless. Thanks for that.

I think you need to take stock and rethink that's all.

Your article would have been better off if it had focussed upon the increased usability of IOS as desktop replacement for the less technically minded users. As a cooking-computer for the kitchen, as a competent mobile platform that can do the stuff that a desktop can at a pinch, perhaps with not the best and most applicable applications but ones that will able to do the job, just. Stating that IOS is getting there but with all the limitations that a closed-source, closed environment that few real organisations use for general purpose computing due to its relative immaturity.

No need to be aggressive, facts speak for themselves. If I was aggressive then it would be clear. You are mistaking valid and forcefully-made responses for aggression. You read in the aggression yourself as you are on the defensive and you feel exposed.

Your answers are exactly the same so I'll point the finger straight back at you.

PS. Written on an old core2duo, 10 years old with a proper screen, proper keyboard, whilst editing javascript code, photoshop, skype, email and browsing here. We've been doing this stuff on the desktop using a mature general purpose computing environment for years and years.

Edited: Oh yes and it cost £50.

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I cannot easily find an answer to these questions, but could you tell me if:
* Mice are supported
* external screen is supported
* multi-monitor is supported
* Running the same program twice is supported
Because those are all things that I would consider basic OS features for productivity

As far as I know there is also no multi-user support at all (so my wife sees all my email when she checks hers?) except for some special student edition
And I believe that the only way (except for internet-synching) to get data onto the device would be through dongles/camerakits and will only work if the app supports "external files"

It does look like the iPad Pro is great hardware...
and that iOS is moving in the right direction for productivity...
and that some pro apps are becoming available that actually can compete with some "desktop apps"
...but for now even the top of the line iPad Pro with the newest OS cannot do most of the things I do daily at work, can only do it on a very small screen and cannot be shared safely among family members

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these statements. I only have an iPad 2 (same timeframe as my laptop) and it stopped receiving updates a long time ago (while that same timeframe laptop is happily running the latest Windows)

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