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Nilay Patel on the further disappearance of the headphone jack, and its replacement, Bluetooth:

To improve Bluetooth, platform vendors like Apple and Google are riffing on top of it, and that means they’re building custom solutions. And building custom solutions means they’re taking the opportunity to prioritize their own products, because that is a fair and rational thing for platform vendors to do.

Unfortunately, what is fair and rational for platform vendors isn’t always great for markets, competition, or consumers. And at the end of this road, we will have taken a simple, universal thing that enabled a vibrant market with tons of options for every consumer, and turned it into yet another limited market defined by ecosystem lock-in.

This is exactly what's happening, and it is turning something simple and straightforward - get headphones, plug it in literally every single piece of headphones-enabled audio equipment made in the last 100 years, and have it work - into an incompatibility nightmare. And this incompatibility nightmare is growing and getting worse, moving beyond just non-standard Bluetooth; you can't use Apple Music with speakers from Google or Amazon, and Spotify doesn't work on the Apple Watch.

Removing the headphone jack was a user-hostile move when Apple did it, and it's still a user-hostile move when Google does it.

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get off my lawn Thom
by kristoph on Thu 5th Oct 2017 22:37 UTC
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Seriously though, I have, on many occasions found it a huge pain that I can't plug in headphones ( using the dongle ) while charging my phone. Especially on an air planes while I travel with my bose headset.

That said the AirPod's are amazing and I love them.

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RE: get off my lawn Thom
by leech on Fri 6th Oct 2017 02:39 in reply to "get off my lawn Thom"
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I watched an Episode of Homeland where a (and I'll try not to do any spoilers) woman goes into the restroom and pulls out her iPhone to insert a weird little lightning adapter/storage device and headphones to listen to some secret mission information.

Couldn't help but laugh and say "you can't do that on the later models..."

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RE: get off my lawn Thom
by shotsman on Fri 6th Oct 2017 06:11 in reply to "get off my lawn Thom"
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There are 'Y' adapters available that allow you to do this but yes, it is sometimes a bit of a PITA which is why I still carry all my music on an iPod Touch.

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RE: get off my lawn Thom
by Lennie on Fri 6th Oct 2017 08:47 in reply to "get off my lawn Thom"
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My Android phone has a jack at the top and a USB-charge/data plug at the bottom. I see no problem.

Was your phone designed wrong ?

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RE[2]: get off my lawn Thom
by Isolationist on Sun 8th Oct 2017 07:53 in reply to "RE: get off my lawn Thom"
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Good for you.

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RE[2]: get off my lawn Thom
by The123king on Tue 10th Oct 2017 07:52 in reply to "RE: get off my lawn Thom"
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My iPhone 5 has lightning AND a headphone jack


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