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My thoughts tend to go to dark places these days. And so when I watched Google on Wednesday trot out one after another of its homegrown computing devices for every task and every nook of our homes, I went straight to dystopia: R.I.P. digital competition.

Nothing to add.

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That's why...
by brostenen on Thu 5th Oct 2017 23:15 UTC
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I do not use Windows on my Daily driver (laptop). On my computer, I have installed Linux and as I do not game on my laptop, I can do all what I did on Windows anyway. I do not have any Apple devices or computers at all. However, I have an Android phone. Though I do not use that hello google thing, and I never have location turned on. Whenever I leave home, I disable Wifi.

I know that I might not have disabled all of concern, yet I feel that I have turned off what I can and still be able to use my various systems. My phone is for email, texting and phonecalls. So the useage for me, is rather basic. Games? Yeah... I game retro games. Pc, consoles, Amiga and C64. Not on my phone... Games are shit anyway on a phone.

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