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My thoughts tend to go to dark places these days. And so when I watched Google on Wednesday trot out one after another of its homegrown computing devices for every task and every nook of our homes, I went straight to dystopia: R.I.P. digital competition.

Nothing to add.

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RE: SGI...
by vocivus on Fri 6th Oct 2017 15:31 UTC in reply to "SGI..."
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The digital competition has been dead since SGI went out and stopped making the machines that were fun to look at and fun to work on.

To be fair, people stopped buying them before SGI stopped making them. Nobody wanted to pay USD 10K for a box (an Indy with XZ and an R5K) was hardly better than a 2K Intel clone. Not to mention that IRIX updates required an expen$ive service contract. Don't get me wrong, I liked SGI boxes, but they were a wealthy person's game.

And if computer bling was your weakness, even a bondi blue G3 could be had for cheap, released shortly after the Indy was EOA.

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