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A couple years ago, Lenovo announced its plans to build a "retro" ThinkPad that would resurrect design elements of ThinkPads past as an homage to the brand's long history.

That ThinkPad is now real. Check out the ThinkPad 25, sold to commemorate 25 years of ThinkPads.

I'm just going to leave this here for you lovely ThinkPad people. This isn't for me, but I'm not here to ruin your party.

Do clean up after yourselves.

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RE[6]: Time to contemplate
by KKK. on Fri 6th Oct 2017 20:31 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Time to contemplate"
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You know what? Please go ahead and explain me why does a simple chat client needs more than 200MB of RAM and a full-blown, almost OS-like browser engine behind it? If in the end, it does no more than an IRC client who works perfectly fine with just few MB of RAM. I would really like to know, enlighten me...

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RE[7]: Time to contemplate
by avgalen on Sun 8th Oct 2017 09:53 in reply to "RE[6]: Time to contemplate"
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Simple chat clients still only require a few MB of RAM or even less. Just take "net send" as an example which makes IRC look bloated ;)

But most people aren't using those. They are using chat clients that can do video-calling, share desktop programs, transfer files, send animated emoticons, etc.

I also remember Windows 98 and IRC-Clients crashing or losing connections several times in 1 evening and needing constant restarts for "simple things" like a resolution change

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RE[8]: Time to contemplate
by zima on Sun 8th Oct 2017 21:06 in reply to "RE[7]: Time to contemplate"
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I miss Google Talk win32 client... ;)

It has a great, simple to use UI, has great VoIP and flawless transfer of files, even animated emoticons! ;)
Unfortunatelly no video-calling or sharing of desktop programs, but I'm sure they couldbe added without bloating the client too much... (IIRC it used a dozen or so MiB of RAM)

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