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As part of this week's hearings into how Russia has used social media to influence American opinion, House lawmakers released several Facebook and Instagram ads linked to Kremlin meddling online. Although lawmakers have not yet released the full cache of ads, which includes about 3,000 examples provided to Congress by Facebook, the so-far disclosed ads offer one of the closest looks yet at the Russian operation.

Some of these ads and fake accounts are quite fascinating - they're clearly designed not just to promote Trump, but also to rile up different groups - from the LGBT community to proponents of the US 2nd amendment - against each other. Oh, and also to pitch a fight between Clinton and Jesus.

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Why bother?
by BlackV on Thu 2nd Nov 2017 13:55 UTC
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I don't quite get why everyone so excited by this. It virtually useless information. Even if it is presented in and by congress, it is virtually impossible to link to Russian state agencies just by IP addresses.
Even if it will be prooved that, yes, these post have been sponsored by Russian state, then what? Can some one proove that all these posts had any meaningful impact and 2016 president election?

And in the end it is not like USA have done nothing like this before. It just that Russians do not have multi-billion $ budget to sponsor hundreds on non-commercial organizations in foreign countries, like USA does, so they might have chosen less costly option of social networks.

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RE: Why bother?
by No it isnt on Thu 2nd Nov 2017 22:39 in reply to "Why bother?"
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Eh, it's important because it's something we need to defend against in the future, You can't have a hostile foreign power influence elections through disinformation campaigns, just like you don't want nigerian princes to make deals with your mom.

It's not really a mystery.

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RE: Why bother?
by slashdev on Fri 3rd Nov 2017 16:06 in reply to "Why bother?"
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A few things...

1) Some of these ads were actually paid for (some with rubles!!), so we have banking transactions to follow, not just "IP" addresses. We know with close to 100% certainty that these were russian psy ops.

2) Your cynical What-about-isms dont detract from the fact that every sovereign nation can and will defend against attacks and manipulation...from internal or EXTERNAL threats. The first line of defense (in a democracy) is an informed public to the nature of the attack.

3) from an academic standpoint; its fascinating to see how far psy ops via propaganda as come. Most (americans) have a passing familiarity with the "Call to Action" style posters and such of WWII and the anti/pro capitalism/communism psy ops of the first 20 years of the cold war. We (the west generally, Americans specifically) havent really been exposed to modern psy op/propagada methodology.

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RE[2]: Why bother?
by bugjacobs on Sat 4th Nov 2017 01:37 in reply to "RE: Why bother?"
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So there are no "in-house" Psy Ops going on ?

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