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Gnome "I followed the debate about a successor for the C/C++ combination as the primary language for developing the GNOME core desktop platform very closely last month. There has been discussion about a number of options. What I would like to do on this page is give an overview how a probably less well-known language might be a viable compromise as a C/C++ successor. This language is called Eiffel and exists for over a decade. Eiffel takes the principle of Object-Oriented programming to its extremes and, as a consequence, is a very easy to learn language."
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First, when talking about Eiffel you normally talk about Eiffel Software’s version, not SmartEiffel. SmartEiffel is FOSS Eiffel Software Eiffel is not. Most lib bindings are for Eiffel Software Eiffel not for SmartEiffel and the bindings are usually old, bitroten and unmaintained. Neither SmartEiffel nor Eiffel Software Eiffel follow the so called standard (ECMA TC39-TG4) read the SmartEiffel wiki to get some ideas about the differences.
What dose this mean for you if you want to use Eiffel anyway? Well if you don’t care about making GNOME or GTK specific apps and free as in beer is good enough for you get the free version of Eiffel Software Eiffel (no commercial app development and so on). If you care about FOSS and you want to make GNOME and GTK specific apps stick to SmartEiffel and start working on eGTK.

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