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The LiMux (or Limux) initiative in Munich has been heralded as an example of both the good and bad in moving a public administration away from proprietary systems. Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) President Matthias Kirschner reviewed the history of the initiative - and its recent apparent downfall - in a talk at Open Source Summit Europe in Prague. He also looked at the broader implications of the project as well as asking some questions that free-software advocates should consider moving forward.

The LiMux initiative is one of the longest-running story 'streams' on OSNews. The oldest item I could find is from 2003.

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These are the candidates...
by JLF65 on Sat 11th Nov 2017 00:23 UTC
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That all ended in 2014. The old mayor did not run for reelection, so a new mayor, Dieter Reiter, from the same party was elected. Reiter did not like Limux and was quoted in some articles as being a Microsoft fan. He ran partly on the idea of switching away from Limux.

Despite saving the city $16M (a little less than 12M euros), and despite the fact that they'll have to buy all new licenses for Windows, he's going to switch the city back to Window. I'd hate to live there right now.

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RE: These are the candidates...
by mkowalik on Tue 14th Nov 2017 14:54 in reply to "These are the candidates..."
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Rest assured, it's still a nice place to live, and honestly, what OS is being used by the city council is probably the least of the problem for (almost) anyone living down here.

Not once a conversation topic, outside the local Linux User Group, that is. The property rent price explosion on the other hand...

I personally don't even think the license price was an issue for the town - they have got MSFT to move in from UnterschleiƟheim to Munich lately, I guess that offset some of the trouble.

The Limux discussion was extremely political from the beginning, and I hoped it could work, but what I never understood was why on earth fork a new distribution - what did they win, beside extra maintenance job to keep LiMux in sync with Ubuntu?

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