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BeOS & Derivatives

Haiku's GUI is in principle entirely scriptable. You can change a window's position and size and manipulate pretty much every widget in it. The tool to do this is hey. It sends BMessages to an application, thus emulating what happens if the user clicks on a menu, checkbox, or other widgets.

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Haiku's GUI is from another age
by gotocaca on Thu 16th Nov 2017 12:12 UTC
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Haiku's GUI is aging, device-dependant, bitmap based, pixel-wide surface with à lack of color freedom.

The script API IS hard to read, closed to this solely plateform, ready to use from à monthly-basis usage course.

Thé design pattern used in this framework are litteraly from another age, based on IOT principeles, unhealthy procédures and hard-to-find documentation.

The running processus itself lack of nowadays graphism effects, made to enjoy framed Gray buttons.

I AM sure Haiku's développent team can make better with nowadays tools and design principles. Receipes from web and mobile GUI. With Todays desktop like KDE we can play with colorfull widgets and graphism effects. Enjoy drag'n'drop collections, Device-independant relative surfaces and a meta-framework with interactive event-based patterns.

Thanks for the sake of Haïku, it is completely original and out of frame designed piece of art.

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And some of us don't want such superfluous crap. All i want my window manager to do is manage windows. I don't need them transparent, or rainbow coloured. Haiku's Window manager does things right. All the "innovation" has been focused on making "managing windows" as powerful as possible, and not on crap like aesthetics. Sure, it looks like it came out of the 90's, but how many other OSes allow you to stack and tile a whole combination of applications?

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Yes it is BeOS from the late nineties but back then it was an improvement on Windows and xwindows. The documentation was not bad, at least it was included instead of paying a lot of $ for the RKM's

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