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Ask just about any *NIX admin using a Windows laptop and they will have come across Putty. For years, Apple MacBooks have been the go-to choice for many admins partly because getting to a ssh shell is so easy. The newly re-invigorated Microsoft is changing how easy it is to interface with Linux (and other *NIX flavors) significantly with features like Ubuntu on Windows. There is a new beta feature in Windows 10 that may just see the retirement of Putty from many users: an OpenSSH client and OpenSSH server application for Windows.

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The bigger question is whether or not Microsoft has implemented a proper PsuedoTTY (pty) device. The Console Device used for cmd.exe, COMMAAND.COM, and PowerShell isn't a proper PTY device, and thus a lot of the tools, etc available on Linux, Mac, and other UNIXes devices are simply not possible.

KDE ported most of their stuff over; but Konsole can't b/c of the lack of a PTY device. Same goes for Xterm, GNOME Terminal, etc.

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Very informative. I was wondering why those apps hadn't been ported over. Was guessing just lack of dev time.

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