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Ahead of the Vulkan 1.0 debut nearly two years ago, we heard that for AMD's Vulkan Linux driver it was initially going to be closed-source and would then be open-sourced once ready. At the time it sounded like something that would be opened up six months or so, but finally that milestone is being reached! Ahead of Christmas, AMD is publishing the source code to their official Vulkan Linux driver.

There's some minor caveats noted in the linked article, but this is looking like great news.

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Oh for the OpenGL driver too
by codifies on Thu 14th Dec 2017 05:50 UTC
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Having open source Intel drivers has been great, it would be great if AMD could see the advantages of leveraging the community to provide them with a driver...

I don't see that Intel have particularly lost lots of IP because they opened up enough information to allow OS drivers to be created.

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RE: Oh for the OpenGL driver too
by flecht on Thu 14th Dec 2017 06:51 in reply to "Oh for the OpenGL driver too"
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What do you mean? We already have open RadeonSI driver (supported by AMD) and it shows better OpenGL performance than proprietary AMDGPU-PRO.

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ahferroin7 Member since:

Now if only AMD would come to the same conclusion regarding the integrated hardware on Zen-based CPU's so we're not at the mercy of whatever shitty choice the MB manufacturer makes regarding sensors to figure out what temperature a Ryzen CPU is running at...

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