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While we are pleased to announce continuing support for BB10 and BBOS users for at least another two years, current device owners should be aware that we will be closing some ancillary services such as the BlackBerry World app store (12/31/2019), the BlackBerry Travel site (February 2018), and the Playbook video calling service (March 2018). Customers who upgrade to a new KeyOne or Motion won't miss a beat as they'll have immediate access to the rich universe of apps in the Google Play store without compromising on either security or their desire for a physical keyboard.

The platform was clearly winding down for a number of years now, ever since BlackBerry moved to Android, but it's still yet another casualty on the road towards the iOS-Android duopoly. I know a surprising number of people here on OSNews absolutely adored their BB10 devices, and I'm sad I never managed to purchase a Passport, the most enticing BB10 device to me.

I'm still keeping an eye out for an affordable used Passport, because I definitely want to write about BB10 in more detail in the near future.

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BB10 Hardcore fan here ...
by gorbie on Wed 20th Dec 2017 02:20 UTC
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First off, I have tried iPhone and Android (even BB Android DTEK, and Android with BB Apps)

All have disappointed me.

I went from a Curve to the Z10 to Z30.

I am still rocking the Z30 and when I show people how the HUB works on BB10, they are always impressed. And it makes me sad that this level of efficiency is only available on a phone that is over 4 years old.

It works where nothing else does, thanks to its Paratek Antenna.

I can access files on it via windows\samba by just \\z30 from my pc and entering a password. Do android and iOS have native access like that?

First and foremost, its my phone for work. And since I am self employed I have to have something that can handle about a half dozen email accounts and calls from customers, etc etc.

Where it falls short, I have made up for it by running a 3G/LTE tablet for the literal 3 or 4 android apps that kinda make my life a little easier. (basically just for billing and some contractor portal apps)

Having facebook off my work phone is actually a good thing. lol

I still consider BB10 vastly superior for you know, making phone calls, and dealing with my work flow.

HUB on Android is NOT there. It will not respect a simple mailto: link with ?Subject formatting, nor does it make addresses clickable to open in maps like BB10 does.

I still use my PlayBook !! Its faster than my iPad mini. Stereo Speakers and I can stream to it from my DLNA server. Check the weather and web is still VERY useable with Origami Browser. No notifications or email on it, because its my bedside device / alarm clock.

Thom - If you want to test some BB10 devices, I have some extra devices and accessories I would be willing to ship over. Even the integration the old BB Curve had with the PlayBook was very enjoyable to use.

BB10 just feels "right" when I use it.

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