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Today, we are excited to announce Quick Boot for the Android Emulator. With Quick Boot, you can launch the Android Emulator in under 6 seconds. Quick Boot works by snapshotting an emulator session so you can reload in seconds. Quick Boot was first released with Android Studio 3.0 in the canary update channel and we are excited to release the feature as a stable update today.

There's a quite a few other improvements and new features, as well.

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This is so true!
by _LC_ on Wed 20th Dec 2017 15:10 UTC
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I don't even know where to begin with this.
As an adolescent, I used to crack software (protections) for fun. I started off on the Commodore Amiga with 68k assembler. In order to crack, one had to disassemble (parts of) the software and put in a fix. Let's just say that the code the compilers created was far from optimal. Even if there was an entire routine missing, I could usually 'create some space' by simply optimizing the crappy compiler code.
I also cracked a bit of '86 software. Eventually I stopped, as I got bored.
Today's code is such a bloat that often you can't even tell earth from water. Today's software does with 30M what we would have done in less than 2K using assembler. Draw your own conclusions...

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