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The Gemini is a clamshell Android device with an 18:9 ultrawide 1080p screen and a compact but more-or-less full physical keyboard. It runs on a 10-core MediaTek Helio X27 processor and has 4GB of RAM, a 4,220mAh battery, and two USB-C ports. It’s 15.1mm thick when closed and weighs 308g. There are both Wi-Fi-only and LTE-capable models. The software is pretty much stock Android with a useful customized dock that can be brought up anywhere, and you can also dual-boot into Linux for more customization.

This is exactly what I've always wanted. A tiny Psion Series 5-like computer running a modern operating system. This machine can run Android and regular Linux, and seems quite similar in concept to the GPD Pocket 7, which sadly seems to be hard to come by here in The Netherlands (I'd want to run Haiku on the GPD Pocket 7). To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what's I'd use such a tiny laptop for, but they're tiny enough they're not really taking up space.

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RE: conflicted
by on Wed 10th Jan 2018 14:21 UTC in reply to "conflicted"
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Agreed! I really wish I could spend a week with one to test it.

However, I bought a Samsung 11" Chromebook on Black Friday for $120 (similar specs to this... 2-Core Atom, 4GB RAM, 10 hr battery life). But even at full price, which is $180, I think it is a better bang for my buck. At the end, you will still need another device (be it a larger laptop or a desktop), and, since this thing comes with Android, you're just as limited.

On top of all that, even though I'm only 35, I cannot imagine having to do any remotely serious work on a tiny 7" screen. In my opinion, the jump from 5.5" phone screen, to a 7" device is not enough. The nice thing about the chromebook is that it is 11" so when I need to check a picture/photograph, write a longer email, or browse the internet in more detail, I can do it comfortably. As someone else mentioned, a bluetooth keyboard will only cost you $20.

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RE[2]: conflicted
by Kochise on Wed 10th Jan 2018 16:27 in reply to "RE: conflicted"
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Well, I bought one of these cheap toys :

It would have been under Android 4 it would have been better, yet, quite frankly, the form factor is more usable as you might think. A micro usb mouse and you're gone.

Should have tried these instead, but came later :

With a better battery, power and screen size, that should do it.

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