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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Firefox Quantum continues to make news as Mozilla incorporates even more innovative technology into the platform. The development team behind the WebExtensions architecture is no exception, landing a slew of new API and improvements that can now be found in Firefox 59 (just released to the Beta channel).

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by Alfman on Sun 28th Jan 2018 06:06 UTC in reply to "blahð "
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Went from Chrome to edge and cant complain. Got a windows phone and noticed that edge gets almost no ads from youtube! Then noticed no full screen ads! No invasive ads! Hell now i run edge on desktop with origin and firefox on android with a ua lumia string. Netflix and youtube videos are soo much better than ff or chrome. I cant believe that chrome has turned into the new internet explorer, hell a lot of websites wont run with ff or edge. Like comedy central

Do you install adblockers? FF won't show youtube ads if you have an adblocker and keep it up to date. If you aren't using an adblocker, it's possible google is using the useragent to change the content (ironically they'll penalize others for this behavior if they catch you doing it).

I've also experienced another form of discrimination by google. As I'm sure you know, a lot of the websites insist on outsourcing captcha to google.

I've long known that recaptcha is extremely lax with users who are logged into google's services, but I recently discovered something else: clear cookies, same IP, same time, same site, the ONLY difference is FF and chrome browser, google would consistently block FF with a captcha while letting chrome through unblocked.

Technically this doesn't really make sense for a captcha service to do since an actual bot could just as easily use a chrome user agent rather than a FF UA or whatever else. So it seems that google could be exploiting 3rd party recaptcha protected websites to deliberately give chrome users a better experience.

The next time it happens, I don't know if it would be worthwhile to gather that evidence and publishing it to try and shame google into ceasing the practice? Would they even care?

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absolutely right, comedy central videos won't load in FF. I've noticed the capcha problem, I always reload a bunch of times until i get the easiest one.

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