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Essential - the phone company led by Android co-founder Andy Rubin - has had some difficulty in getting a stable 8.0 Oreo update released. After three beta releases, the company is not quite satisfied that the update is ready for general release. Because of these protracted issues, Essential has announced plans to skip the 8.0 release entirely in favor of 8.1, which will "push the public release back a couple weeks," according to the company.

Not even a phone with close to stock Android, built by the very same person who developed Android in the first place, can be updated to a newer Android release without delays, stability issues, and general problems - to the point where they're skipping a version altogether.

Android is a mess.

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RE[4]: android is a mess ...
by p13. on Tue 6th Feb 2018 11:20 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: android is a mess ..."
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Well ... I'm not so sure about that.
Macs were very tightly integrated custom designs at some point. They designed their own chipsets, os and software.
Nowadays, they are just fancy PCs.

They went from 68k to ppc to intel.
Old 68k macs are pretty exotic compared to anything "modern". The toolkits and half the OS lived in rom ... and then there was PDS and Nubus ...
The PPC macs were a bit less so. They used PCI, "pc" graphics cards, etc, but still decidedly not a pc.
The current gen ... well ... fancy PCs ...

I see no reason why the amiga couldn't have evolved if the right decisions were made under the right circumstances with the right amount of luck.

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RE[5]: android is a mess ...
by zima on Wed 7th Feb 2018 19:35 in reply to "RE[4]: android is a mess ..."
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Well, Amiga does "live" on (this calls for the following link: ;) ) as various machines which shed its legacy, as OS4 or MorphOS or AROS machines ...maybe the problem was that Amiga chipset was meant originally for games console (and indeed Amigas were mostly used like that...), not for a computer, where its design choices sometimes didn't make sense - but take away those chips, and it's hardly an Amiga anymore... suffice to say, machines which did that didn't find widespread success, the magic and the things for which we loved Amiga were gone.

Macs somehow managed to remain lovable through their transitions (heck, there's an article on the front page now how they drop 32-bit OSX apps; original Classic software is long gone), a hard task... and remember that Apple did fail a few times while trying to evolve the Macintosh: Taligent and Copland OSes, PPC mistake (Apple CEO from the time of 68k->PPC transition said that not going Intel back then was his biggest mistake; a mistake that most of the remaining Amiga community mindlessly aped, largely due to irrational hatred of Intel...); finally, Apple bought Nextstep / new OS of the Mac. Not many other companies would be able to afford all that.

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