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If I look back through all of the years we have covered Android, it’s hard to argue that the introduction of Google Play Edition phones wasn’t one of the biggest moments. In those early years, the Android skin situation was bad. Those early versions of TouchWiz, MotoBlur, and even HTC Sense, weren’t what many of us wanted, to say the least. We wanted Google’s version of Android, as well as their Nexus update schedules, yet that was tough to get because Google was making average hardware at the time.

While Google Play Edition may have failed as a program, I get the feeling that Android One will now act as a proper replacement to it.

Stop trying to make timely Android updates happen. It's not going to happen.

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Treble baseline will be a good start
by gld59 on Fri 23rd Feb 2018 03:20 UTC
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Project Treble seems to me to be the critical first step to widespread timely updates. I'm hoping that once *all* the non-generic stuff is separated out into "safe" locations, it may be possible for Google (or Lineage, Unlegacy, OmniROM etc) to push out updates the same way Apple does. With ship-with-Oreo devices starting to appear, I suppose we'll soon see what Treble makes possible.

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Yes, I think that may make it much easier for google to provide the Android one experience on top of any Trebble enabled device. I also recall hearing that Google was going to provide financial incentives with oems to get trebble working for upgrades to oreo.

I imagine they could be thinking that they could also financially ease the pain of doing Android one devices.

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The best thing about Treble is that it is required for phones that ship-with-8.0. So Treble is almost guaranteed to solve the update-mess in the long-long-run

However, 1 year into Android 8, with 8.1 already there and 9.0 knocking on the door there are hardly any* 8.0 devices and many of those didn't ship with 8.0 so they don't have the Treble guarantee. The result:


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It is not going to happen, because even with Treble Google does not want to bully OEMs, so they are the ones pushing the updates, if they want.

Also OEMs that upgrade from Nougat to Oreo aren't obliged to certify their devices for being Treble compliant.

So the majority of new devices scheduled for 2018, are actually mostly being released with Nougat on them.

Currently the dashboard shows 1.1% Oreo devices and Google I/O 2018 with AndroidP is around the corner.

Treble will be yet another failed attempt.

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Agreed, Treble won't solve update issues. It will lessen the barrier to them. Its a huge boon to ROM makers. I think we might see a resurgence of them in 2 years when there are more native Oreo with Treble devices .

Samsung isn't bringing Treble with Oreo updates. I doubt anyone really will. :/ So 2019 is really going to be year one of Treble.

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