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With Apple moving its Chinese iCloud data to a company partially owned by the Chinese government, it's natural to wonder what this means for the privacy of Chinese Apple users.

If Apple is storing user data on Chinese services, we have to at least accept the possibility that the Chinese government might wish to access it - and possibly without Apple’s permission. Is Apple saying that this is technically impossible?

This is a question, as you may have guessed, that boils down to encryption.

This article is from the middle of January of this year, but I missed it back then - it's a great insight into what all of this means, presented in an easy-to-grasp manner. Definitely recommended reading.

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RE: Comment by cdude
by Alfman on Sat 24th Feb 2018 10:57 UTC in reply to "Comment by cdude"
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And if Apple servers are located in the US then we have to accept the possibility that the US government might wish to access the data - and possibly without Apple’s permission.


You are right, as much as we criticize china's interference, the US government has been caught red handed several times breaking it's own laws using secret courts with no public oversight.

And we know companies like to blame governments for this. Google, apple, microsoft have all spoken up against overreaching government privacy invasions. Yet the truth of the matter is that these companies are the enablers by building devices that give themselves the keys in the first place.

Integrating "cloud" services into a platform is fine, but please let me choose my own provider! Allow my phone to use my own personal cloud. I'm very disappointed with how difficult it is to access documents & media locally. Alas, I don't believe any of this is accidental. Hell google doesn't even want users to print locally without uploading the documents to them first.

They can say whatever they want about how much they value our privacy or how they disagree with government data gathering, but so long as they keep developing technology that gives themselves access to our data, it's quite disingenuous and hypocritical IMHO.

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