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Over the weekend, Nokia released a new feature phone, the 8110 4G - a re-imagining of the phone used in The Matrix. I really like the design of this phone, and at a price of just €79, it looks like a steal. The most interesting part of the phone, other than its lovely design, is the operating system it runs. It's called KaiOS, a distant cousin to Firefox OS.

KaiOS is not Firefox OS. Our platform is based on the original Mozilla project. We even have people from the original Mozilla team in our engineering and UX departments. But KaiOS has been developed into something much more robust and expanded than the original Firefox OS. Think of us as distant cousins, not siblings nor children.

It's a HTML5-based operating system already in use in a whole bunch of phones today - they claim it's already on 30 million phones in India and North America - and on the 8110 4G, it has that traditional, classic Nokia design with a modern touch. I'm really curious to see just how powerful or expandable (maybe even hackable?) this feature phone platform is.

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RE: not a bargain
by leech on Tue 27th Feb 2018 05:48 UTC in reply to "not a bargain"
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Except that I'm fairly certain an Android phone at that low end is going to be slow as hell...

I may snag one of these for an emergency phone. Where/when can I get one? I bet the battery life is going to be way better than the low end and high end battery life!

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RE[2]: not a bargain
by nicubunu on Tue 27th Feb 2018 08:18 in reply to "RE: not a bargain"
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That cheap Android may be slow if you use it as a smartphone, but if you use it as a feature phone, the speed is not that important. The big downside would probably be a short battery life.

Anyway, I agree is NOT a "steal", one can buy a feature phone for a lot less. So cute, affordable, but not an amazing bargain.

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RE[3]: not a bargain
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Tue 27th Feb 2018 16:22 in reply to "RE[2]: not a bargain"
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No, if you use it as a feature phone, it will suuuuuuuck. Use a feature phone, notice how everything is fast as hell. They all used to be this fast. I get smart phones being slow every now and then as the phone part isn't the most important part. But if it were, I wouldn't use it.

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RE[2]: not a bargain
by bassbeast on Wed 28th Feb 2018 03:57 in reply to "RE: not a bargain"
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Nope, sorry. I got an Alcatel Flint from Cricket when my last phone died, cost a whole $20 for a factory refurb, $50 for a new one. it has a quad core, 1.5Gb of RAM, 5.5 inch screen, 8MP camera. Hell it even plays 3D games, not that I care as I hate touch controls.

So...yeah $79? Not a deal, not when you can get a really decent Android for less.

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