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With Apple moving its Chinese iCloud data to a company partially owned by the Chinese government, it's natural to wonder what this means for the privacy of Chinese Apple users.

If Apple is storing user data on Chinese services, we have to at least accept the possibility that the Chinese government might wish to access it - and possibly without Appleā€™s permission. Is Apple saying that this is technically impossible?

This is a question, as you may have guessed, that boils down to encryption.

This article is from the middle of January of this year, but I missed it back then - it's a great insight into what all of this means, presented in an easy-to-grasp manner. Definitely recommended reading.

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It suffices if large enough percentage of people is consistantly irrational enough with their voting/support decisions... you have a current example of that much closer to you, Poland. :/ (where "1 man holding power" doesn't even have any official position...)

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Poland, Egypt, Turkey, now China....democracy isn't doing so great

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