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Today, as part of Mobile World Congress 2018, we are excited to announce the first beta release of Flutter. Flutter is Google's new mobile UI framework that helps developers craft high-quality native interfaces for both iOS and Android. Get started today at to build beautiful native apps in record time.

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RE[2]: Native UI components
by avgalen on Thu 1st Mar 2018 08:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Native UI components"
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I also never heard of Skia but I was surprised about its application hear. Flutter isn't "Dart all the way down", it is "Dart for application logic but Skia for the UI".

It is this UI part that, although very nicely explained on the flutter faq, completely takes me by surprise. Basically Google is making the Android UI in 1 team, but another team of Googlers says that you should make your own UI because the Android UI doesn't develop quickly enough.

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RE[3]: Native UI components
by Moochman on Thu 1st Mar 2018 17:02 in reply to "RE[2]: Native UI components"
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Ah ok, I missed that Flutter uses Skia. I just sort of assumed everything was written in Dart since the Dart is compiled to native.

I think Flutter solves two problems, first is cross platform development, second is a future smartphone UI framework. It's hardly surprising to me that Google wants to leave the Android API behind at some point considering it uses Java, which has contentious licensing, plus has tons of legacy stuff and was never really designed for fluid, smooth animations - as I recall an entire large part of an Android release - "Project Butter" - needed to be dedicated to smoothing over the cracks.

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RE[3]: Native UI components
by jgfenix on Sat 3rd Mar 2018 19:02 in reply to "RE[2]: Native UI components"
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So, is it something similar to QML?

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