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Apple is launching a group of health clinics called AC Wellness for its employees and their families this spring, according to several sources familiar with the company's plans.

The company quietly published a website,, with more details about its initiative and a careers page listing jobs including primary care doctor, exercise coach and care navigator, as well as a phlebotomist to administer lab tests on-site.

This new primary care group - a group of clinical staff that is run independently from Apple but is dedicated to Apple employees - will initially only serve Apple's employees in Santa Clara County, where its headquarters are located. Initially, it has two clinics in the county.

Scrip healthcare.

This is insanity.

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RE[3]: Yeah but...
by avgalen on Thu 1st Mar 2018 09:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Yeah but..."
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The point (and incentive) for Apple to do this kind of thing is to offer preventative care that is cheap and convenient to improve the overall health of their workers, which will lower their healthcare premiums for times when they need actual treatment at a UCSF or Stanford Medical.

Setting up your own medical healthcare center to reduce healthcare cost? That only makes sense if outside healthcare is really expensive and you require a lot of it (having very unhealthy employees).

No, this is not for reducing cost of healthcare, it is for HR/recruitment purposes. "Here at Apple we not only pay you a good salary, we also take care of the health of you and your loved ones"

...however when my wife was being recruited by Apple and she asked them about daycare their answer was "We give you a big bag of money, you take care of daycare yourself"

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