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Mobile World Congress is happening this week, and we're slowly getting a better picture of what Google's new "Android Go" initiative will look like. Android Go is a special configuration of Android 8.1 (with a selection of special "Go" apps) that targets low-end devices with 1GB of RAM or less.

MWC has seen a ton of manufacturers sign up for the program and announce phones shipping with the Go config, so it's time for a hardware roundup.

We often tend to get tunnel vision and focus on expensive flagships, so here's a roundup of upcoming 100 dollar Android Go phones. These are neat little phones for a decent price.

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Congrats for the non-flagship topic
by avgalen on Thu 1st Mar 2018 10:24 UTC
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Too bad that you went directly to the bottom of the pool though. I think that in general you would be better of to buy a 2nd hand or refurbished phone that should get you a decent amount of storage for the same price. What use is it if you can run the latest version of Android but cannot run most of the apps because of low RAM/Storage availability or other limitations?

For 100 Euro you should get so much more, like

Hopefully we will start to see see a midrange (200-300) comparison soon (very quick one:

...and I especially hope to read a bit more about the limitations and real world experiences with Android Go. So far it seems to much like a "One laptop per child" where the hardware goals seemed impossible to reach for the budget, but by the time the software got done you could get much better hardware for the budget.

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I always buy my phones from eBay with a $100 limit. Most recently a LeEco Pro 3 (like new, boxed, Snapdragon 821, 4GB). Great on paper compared to these Android Go phones, but LeEco went bust and the phone runs Android 6 (although LeEco fans on XDA have released a buggy 8.1). I would hope the Android Go phones will get better long term support.

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I've been buying under $100 too, but only brand new. Sometimes get a lemon (Haixu 6), some really good (Dengo Max, DooGee X7).

Additional personal requirements:
- 6 inch screen
- At least 1G RAM
- At least 8G ROM

Lessons learned:
- Definitely go for 16G ROM storage, 8 is too cumbersome with Playstore updates.
- Never go under 1G RAM, but preferable 2G and up.
- 6 inch screens are way less common than 5.5", so probably way more options (I haven't really gone there, starts to be small to me).

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