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The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.10, which represents one of the biggest updates in its history yet. This brand new version introduces support for AmigaOne X5000 systems as well as A-EON X5000 mainboards, and it greatly expands the general hardware compatibility by adding numerous new drivers for graphics cards, scanners, network cards, SATA controllers, and USB audio devices.

Furthermore, MorphOS 3.10 brings Flow Studio, which is an integrated development environment that offers features such as a built-in source level debugger and seamless MorphOS shell access.

In addition to many bug fixes and general performance improvements, MorphOS 3.10 also provides varied user interface and usability improvements. This release includes modern themes, new fonts, and support for vector graphics, such as SVG icons, as well as time zones via Coordinated Universal Time.

This is a huge update, and it contains so many improvements I don't even know where to start. The massive list of hardware compatibility improvements is incredibly welcome, as are the brand new themes which make MorphOS look a bit less dated. Be sure to read the full, detailed list of changes.

This is definitely the release that finally pushed me to get a PowerBook G4 to run MorphOS on (preferably the 17" 1.67Ghz with DDR2), since this release really reaffirms that the team is 100% dedicated to the operating system. I can't wait to go used PowerBook shopping this week.

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by flanque on Tue 27th Mar 2018 01:33 UTC
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I'd love to try this out but with such limited hardware support (e.g. no intel), it's a no go here.

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RE: Intel?
by judgen on Tue 27th Mar 2018 03:35 in reply to "Intel?"
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It is a powerpc operating system, i do not think there are any plans for x86, there is AROS for x86 instead if you like to try that.

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RE[2]: Intel?
by darknexus on Tue 27th Mar 2018 13:35 in reply to "RE: Intel?"
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You're correct, but that's kind of a shame. Since it really only works on outdated hardware, eventually there will be a time when it cannot be run at all without emulation. It'd be in their best interest to at least begin to make their codebase modular enough for eventual porting to new platforms if they've not done that already. Either that or build, market, and sell a PPC-based system to run it on.

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RE[2]: Intel?
by -ujb- on Tue 27th Mar 2018 14:13 in reply to "RE: Intel?"
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There is a vague roadmap for a switch to x64. But it's not on schedule for the closer future, rather for a some bit future.
As of now it's, mainly for historical reasons, ppc only. Unfortunately. Then again the old Apple kit is of nice quality and design and dirt cheap to get. As weird as the comarison is somehow a Mac mini G4 is about the same league (price and cpu power (not literally, but gross estimate)) as a Raspberry Pi is.

MorphOS works nice and is pretty polished. Main audience is ex Amiga users - as AmigaOS is the heritage it comes from.
A few years ago I wrote a 5 minute reading article about MorphOS to get an idea about it (albeit a few years old it's still rather valid):

"What is MorphOS?" ->

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