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SkyOS "This release features new core components like the integrated mouse gestures, new Font system and API, new applications (Pixel Image Editor, ...) and various driver/system updates as well as more than 200 fixed bugs reported in our bug tracking system." In addition, the SkyOS team has decided that the version numbers got too confusing. Therefore, SkyOS v5 will now simply be named SkyOS. I might even start missing the "SkyOS v5 Beta 8.4 Alpha 1 of the 3rd Beta Released" headlines. In any case, here's the changelog.
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by Ronald Vos on Mon 28th Nov 2005 02:07 UTC
Ronald Vos
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I'm seriously considering signing up for a beta. For toying and programming mostly. I'm just bothered by the 'standard' design where everything is hidden in nested upon nested menu's behind a big 'start' button, instead of simple menu's with at most 1 nestinglevel and multiple smaller buttons (1 for apps, 1 for config etc.). As far as I'm concerned the big button concept has had it's best time.

This is just my beef with a lot of desktops though.

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