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The US, UK, and three other governments have called on tech companies to build backdoors into their encrypted products, so that law enforcement will always be able to obtain access. If companies don't, the governments say they "may pursue technological, enforcement, legislative, or other measures" in order to get into locked devices and services.

Their statement came out of a meeting last week between nations in the Five Eyes pact, an intelligence sharing agreement between the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The nations issued a statement covering a range of technology-related issues they face, but it was their remarks on encryption that stood out the most.

Break encryption, or we'll break you.

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It's something not often mentioned: Most people don't really care about the freedom of access to the source code. Some people care about freedom of installation and freedom to patch the binary.

Sure, most people don't express an interest in open source code, but technically this doesn't mean they don't benefit from it nevertheless. Consider that people who don't express an interest in "right to repair" legislation nevertheless benefit from repairmen having such access, people who don't express any interest in chemistry can nevertheless benefit from having chemists, people who don't express an interest in mechanical engineering nevertheless benefit from having bridges and buildings that don't fail, etc. There are thousands of examples we could use here, but I hope the point is clear: "not interested in" does not imply "not impacted by".

Stallman made a big mistake two consider these two as granted. On the other hand, can't blame him for doing so, he wrote the GPLv2 in more innocent times.

Yea, he had a vision, but didn't know how things were going to unfold.

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