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A coming revision to Chrome OS will enable Windows-compatible network browsing by default. This means that Chromebooks will be able to connect with Windows PCs just as easily as other Windows PCs do today.

A very welcome change, especially among corporate users.

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RE: Great for home/small businesses
by avgalen on Wed 12th Sep 2018 13:20 UTC in reply to "Great for home/small businesses"
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Do I understand this correctly?

So when Windows gets a feature update: Things change to often

When ChromeOS gets a feature update: Things have changed enough that we can replace the version of Windows that we don't update

I choose my Operating System based on the software that needs to run on it, what other people around me are using and what is allowed/provided by the IT-department. Getting "SMB-support" in ChromeOS makes ChromeOS better and is a great feature, but it won't make replacing programs any easier. It is like adding mouse-support to will make that OS better but will not make it run programs that don't run now

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The owner of a home business is also the IT Department and simplification will always be preferred over increasing complexity.

Granted, the ChromeOS world is not perfect. Some key applications in the MacOS/Windows worlds do not have equivalent in the ChromeOS world. Even flagship devices have been orphaned like the Linux container capability not being back-ported to the Pixel 2015 (something to do with the underlying Linux kernel version).

More easily sharing files in a network environment consisting of a mixture of Linux, MacOS, and Windows systems (all supporting SMB) is a good thing for ChromeOS based systems.

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