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Window Managers Elive, the Debian based Enlightenment (16.7 and 17) liveCD project has released version 0.1 for download. See the package and features list for more information. A screenshot tour is also available.
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by subterrific on Wed 20th Jul 2005 08:43 UTC
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I've tried e17 a few times in its development. The animated desktop background was cool for a few minutes and the drop shadows were neat (until I realized they're "fake" and always drawn on the desktop layer instead of on whatever is under the window, like another window). However, I couldn't find any reason to use e17. After being a mac user for over 17 years, the eye-candy thing is a bit tired. I'm much more interested in window managers like ion, which actually innovates in a way that makes a computer more efficient and easy to use by truely managing windows instead of just throwing them on the screen for me to drag around and resize endlessly.

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