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Window Managers Elive, the Debian based Enlightenment (16.7 and 17) liveCD project has released version 0.1 for download. See the package and features list for more information. A screenshot tour is also available.
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RE: Why not wait?
by dagw on Wed 20th Jul 2005 10:40 UTC in reply to "Why not wait?"
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For the same reasons movie studios release trailers and teasers before the movie hits the cinema. To make people aware of this really cool thing that will be coming soon. To get people talking and interested. So that when it is ready a lot more people will know exactly what it is and be ready and waiting to use it.

Also this being an open source project the more people that get to play with this the greater chance they have of getting developers, testers, comments and bug reports which will speed up and improve development.

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