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Morphos "Genesi is pleased to announce the development of the 4U2 sub-laptop based on the EFIKA 5K2 reference design and the Freescale MPC5200B. The 4U2 will be produced in Asia and be available in Q2 2006. The 4U2 board can be deployed in a variety of configurations and uses and includes both mobile and WIFI wireless capability." More here. The price will be $299 (EUR 255), but may drop if demand is great enough.
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RE[5]: video?
by JLF65 on Wed 30th Nov 2005 19:10 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: video?"
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Anyway, back to the point. Even if a 700MHz G3 would somehow barely manage to play full size XviD videos it doesn't mean that a 466MHz MPC5200B would, too. As I said, I believe it when I see it.

My 450MHz G3 iMac plays DVD's without a hitch. It also plays 640x480 XviD/DivX AVIs just fine as long as the bitrate stays under 3000kbps (rare to ever see it that high, even with VBR encoding).

The old G3 iMacs use 66MHz SDRAM. Memory throughput is VITAL when playing video, and why the older PPC laptops weren't good at it - they had extremely poor throughput. Not only did it have only a 66MHz bus most of the time, but also had to share the memory with the video. The iMacs at least had separate video memory so they didn't share the main memory, improving throughput a little more.

The MPC5200B uses DDR266 memory. It also uses a riser for a PCI/AGP video card. It should have no trouble playing movies.

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