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OSNews, Generic OSes Visopsys 0.6 introduces a host of new functionality including a cleaned up desktop with icons for browsing the computer, file systems, and administrative tasks, FAT defragmenting, ELF dynamic linking, a built in chain-boot loader and simple MBR formatting, file browsing widgets and dialogs, Windows .ico icon file support, a generic file viewing program, Italian keyboard support, new icons and a new splash screen.
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RE[3]: Network support
by andymc on Thu 1st Dec 2005 02:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Network support"
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Thanks very much. Certainly there are plenty of good examples of (free) code to be borrowed out there, but then again the nature of the OS programmer is (sensibly or not) to want to code everything from scratch.

But then again, there's a balance to be struck between "I don't want to borrow any code" and "this would be really useful to users". There's a related project called "Partition Logic" ( which is just a different configuration of Visopsys, meant to feature the Disk Mananger partitioning tool; people are clamouring for NTFS resizing support and in the end it probably makes sense to just port the Linux ntfsprogs code until I can get my head around NTFS. That porting attempt is underway at the moment.

Networking, on the other hand, I'm sure my initial attempt will be buggy and insecure but I at least want to give it a try!


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RE[4]: Network support
by Nelson on Thu 1st Dec 2005 07:07 in reply to "RE[3]: Network support"
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Nice job, it's looking very nice.

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