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Windows Microsoft is working on a significant new feature for Windows Vista, known as Restart Manager, which is designed to update parts of the operating system or applications without having to reboot the entire machine. "If a part of an application, or the operating system itself, needs to updated, the Installer will call the Restart Manager, which looks to see if it can clear that part of the system so that it can be updated. If it can do that, it does, and that happens without a reboot." And here & here are some more shots of Vista build 5259.
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It most certainly does let you overwrite the critical Windows DLLs. When you do it, you get a dialog box that pops up and asks "do you want to keep the unrecognized versions?" and you click OK and it's done. MS put a dialog box with an OK button right before the potentially devestaing action. The same excellent security model they've been pursuing for the last 10 years, and has worked so well to secure IE. I can definitely understand why all you kids are so crazy about Windows.

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