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Novell and Ximian Novell's Linux investments are finally showing results as its Linux revenue of $61 million (EUR 52 million) jumped 418 percent from last year's fourth quarter. Novell announced its fourth fiscal quarter and fiscal year financial results, which ended October 31, 2005, on Thursday.
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RE[2]: results realy that good?
by Googlesaurus on Sat 3rd Dec 2005 11:12 UTC in reply to "RE: results realy that good?"
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"They're obvious either a VERY inefficient business or they need to grow a brain and move their business to a cheaper country to do business in."

Most of Novell's problems begin at the top with Jack Messman the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the corporation.

As long as Messman remains at the helm; Novell ain't got a prayer of survival, much less a return to profit. He appears to consistantly turn right, everytime he should turn left.

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Very true; what Novell need is a clear, written down direction.

On the desktop; they need to design a desktop that covers ALL areas that are required; they then need to mould GNOME to that design and add features that are lacking.

On the server front, they need to move away from simply selling a server OS, and provide a complete solution, from end to end - simply being the OS vendor without value added middleware and services ontop is a doom strategy - operating systems are now a commodity. The money is in the middleware, not the mundane operating system.

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