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Windows Surendra Verma, Development Manager on the Vista Kernel team, digs into Vista's new Transactional File System with Charles Torre. TxF, as it is referred to internally, is a new kernel construct that is part of an updated Vista NTFS. Surendra provides a high level overview of TxF in this video. Elsewhere, Microsoft is serious about meeting its ship date for Windows Vista during the second half of 2006.
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And thank YOU for your explanation and your work. It looks like this is something all operating systems should have to implement patching, installing applications, updating websites, and so on.

I would LOVE an option in Windows Explorer to "transactionally" copy and move files and folders. Something like holding down a key while dragging. And a command line tool would be welcome.

Hopefully Linux will adopt something like this in the future. ZFS doesn't have this - a snapshot of an entile filesystem is completely different from a transaction about a part of the filesystem. Going back to an earlier snapshot means losing ALL new data, even the new data that you do not want to lose!

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