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General Development Strings - such as command-line arguments, environment variables, and console input - are of special concern in secure programming because they comprise most of the data exchanged between an end user and a software system. This chapter covers the security issues with strings and how you can sidestep them.
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RE[5]: Toolkits
by nimble on Tue 6th Dec 2005 01:03 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Toolkits"
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For some people C is the only language that will work for their project.

You yourself say "some". I'd say "few".

Higher level languages are not always a replacement, so harping on about them will not work.

If you're gonna dismiss my comments as "harping", at least come up with some logical counter-arguments. The fact that a few projects really do require a low-level language doesn't mean that many other projects wouldn't be better served with higher-level languages.

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