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X11, Window Managers "We are pleased to announce the availability of the third full Release Candidate for the upcoming X.Org Foundation release of X11R6.9 and X11R7. RC3 includes many bug fixes and updates. We have tagged both the monolithic and modular trees and have prepared tarballs for you to test."
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RE: If ATI supports FOSS so well
by Ookaze on Tue 6th Dec 2005 16:19 UTC in reply to "If ATI supports FOSS so well"
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That's how troll starts : because some guys like you never seem to understand what they read.

How come I can't get decent speed with a radeon 9200?

Despite the fact that I specifically said some people mistake support for performance, you still made this mistake again. Amazing !!

How come to get that speed I require the binary drivers?

Because the FOSS driver developers still have less informations than the binary drivers one. Simple.

Nvidia on the other hand seems to work flawlessly, no crashes, RANDR from the beginning not till half way through this year

That's just not true. There seems to be no more crashes now, for features of 2-3 years ago. In case you did not realise it, we are now in the Composite area, since 1 year, and your X server will crash with Composite and 3D accel activated. It's even said in the doc that it is unstable, so that's why they don't activate it by default.

If you want FOSS drivers don't go with either Nvidia or ATI, go with someone else

Why ? I don't only want FOSS drivers, I want efficient FOSS drivers. That does not mean I should abandon my NVidia hardware.

Becuase their FOSS support really sucks

I agree.

And please don't pimp up ATI saying they have great FOSS support because that is untrue

I never said that, I said ATI support was better. If you're stuck without binary drivers, you'll understand what I mean. It happened to me on a laptop.

If they did have then the higher end radeons would work with the FOSS drivers almost as fast as their binary ones but they don't

I agree.
But saying that this situation is fine won't lead to improvement.

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